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January 29, 2003

Other Illnesses

Question from Atascadero, California, USA:

Our 14 month old godson, just diagnosed type 1 diabetes, is now in the hospital with blood clots. Is this normal?


If you are asking “Is it normal for a 14 month old to have blood clots?” The answer is firmly “no.” If you are asking, “Is it normal for someone with diabetes to have blood clots?” The answer is “no.” If you are asking “Is it expected for a 14 month old with type�1 diabetes to develop blood clots?” The answer remains “no.”

However, if anyone develops severe dehydration, that is one of the possible set ups for blood clots to form. Individuals with diabetes are at risk of developing severe dehydration if not adequately taking insulin and keeping glucose monitored. You did not provide details, but your god son’s family should be having an ongoing dialogue with the child’s physicians to help determine what happened and try to prevent this from happening again.