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September 20, 2000


Question from Pennsylvania, USA:

Our 16 year old son is constantly having seizures because of low blood sugar. We just can't regulate his sugar. Please help.


I am sorry to hear about your difficulty. Seizures from low blood sugars are a scary thing. Your letter doesn’t give much information.

I would look at the following: How close is this teenager being followed by a medical team? How often does he monitor? All low blood sugars are not preventable, but some can be, according to pattern of blood sugars, eating, etc. Does this teen have signs and symptoms of low blood sugars? If not, he may be experiencing hypoglycemic unawareness. In this case, close medical supervision by a team is even more of a necessity to work with you on an individualized target range for blood sugar levels and other aspects of diabetes care. Is there the chance that some of these seizures are “self induced” as a cry for help or a way of rebelling? These are some issues that need to be addressed.