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March 20, 2009

Daily Care, Insulin Analogs

Question from Shortsville, New York, USA:

I've had type 1 for 39 years. My new doctor changed the way I take my insulin. I take Lantus insulin in the morning according to the reading on my glucometer. Then, I take Humalog according to what I am to eat. I am on a sliding scale and I now eat every two hours, which has helped me a lot. I check my blood sugar before each meal and at bedtime, and that blood sugar can be within my range, but when I wake up, sometimes it will go higher. What can I do to achieve more "normal" blood sugars when I am asleep? I do not take any insulin before I go to bed. I also am perimenopausal and wonder if these hormonal changes are affecting the way my body is processing things. Can you help me find an answer?


The Lantus dose is based on the fasting glucose, adjusted only intermittently, based on the trends at the pre-breakfast reading. Lantus is a very long-acting insulin and does not have the luxury of being adjusted daily. It is also the insulin that covers your blood sugars overnight.


[Editor’s comment: Please be sure to check with an endocrinologist about your dosing.