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January 19, 2003

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Townsend, Montana, USA:

Twice, my 10 year old, overweight son has gotten sick after eating something like pizza (greasy) or a lot of candy. He vomits throughout the night but feels better the next morning. It is like he is having some type of reaction to what he is eating, like a sugar overdose. I am worried because he gets so ill. I do try and watch what he eats, but that does not always work. Could this be diabetes?


These would not be typical symptoms of diabetes. You can look elsewhere at this website for typical symptoms. Could this be a reaction to certain foods? It could it be food intolerance or reflections of gall bladder disease, intestinal problems, liver disease, or pancreas disease. Could it be some type of emotional reaction? Possibly.

I suggest that you confer with your son’s regular pediatrician but in the meantime, start recording a diary of what he eats, when, and if/when he gets this vomiting episode to see if there is some type of relationship.