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January 8, 2004

Daily Care

Question from Noel, Missouri, USA:

We are new to Missouri, and I barely got my child enrolled in school here this week. I need to know where a good diabetic specialist is located near me. I need to know about any support groups in my area. I also need to know why her blood sugars keep dropping below 30 mg/dl [1.7 mmol/L] since we got here from Arizona. I was wondering if climate and elevation could be affecting her blood sugar. Is this normal for a move?


If you do not already have a contact for Diabetes care you might get in touch with the children’s hospital in Springfield. As to the rest of your question it is difficult to make any specific suggestions for better control without a good deal more clinical information; but very generally low blood sugars are most likely to be related to a change in appetite or just possibly to getting a lot more exercise. High blood sugars on the other hand are more likely to reflect some stress related to the move, the new school perhaps. I don’t think climate or elevation are directly relevant. You will need help from the new team and two three days of doing lots of blood sugars to get all this disentangled.