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October 12, 2006

Insulin Analogs

Question from Iran:

We are using diluted NovoRapid (1:5 with normal saline) in my three year old nephew's pump. We would like to know wether or not there will be any change in the onset or duration of action of diluted NovoRapid.


Eli Lilly (in the U.S.) offers a diluent (a fluid that can be used to dilute insulin) for Humalog insulin. I’m unsure if that is available in Iran. I would suggest using non-diluted insulin as diluting insulin in an insulin pump can be very confusing — and there could be a change in its onset and/or duration of action when used in an insulin pump.

Additional comments from Dr. David Schwartz:

I think the manufacturers’ recommend their own buffer and pH, etc., not saline, for diluting insulin. Novo Nordisk does not make their diluent readily available and, while I have never tried to procure any, I seem to recall that with the proper phone calls, the diluent might be made available on a limited basis. You may need to have your diabetes specialist obtain the diluent for you.