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January 9, 2005

Insulin Pumps

Question from Highland Park, New Jersey, USA:

We are currently investigating the different kinds of pumps. I have heard a lot about the Deltec Cozmo. Is this the one that is most popular with kids? What are the advantages between the different brands out there?


We last ran a poll about insulin pump usage in February 2004. The Cozmo, based on the poll, is used by many children with diabetes, as are pumps by Animas and Medtronic MiniMed.

Choosing an insulin pump involves many things. I always recommend that families explore all the pumps to learn about their specific strengths, meet their local pump company representatives, and learn about the kind of support that their diabetes team can provide for the various pumps. For some kids, size, shape, and even color are important factors in choosing a pump.

You may also wish to visit the CWD parents’ chat room and ask about other people’s experiences.