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September 24, 1999

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

I do not have diabetes, but I have a question. I am 38 years old, 1.75 meters tall, and weigh 55 kg. I need to gain weight, about more than 12 kg.

What can I do to gain weight? I always eat food with sugar, candies, breads or loaf, paste and so on. I think my metabolic system is very fast, you know. How to break it? Maybe exercises will help me or do I need to do something that I don’t know yet?


From: DTeam Staff

Usually just adding fat calories will put on weight. If you have a family history of heart problems, I would not recommend that, but otherwise, use extra butter or margarine on rolls, breads, etc. Good luck. Many people would “die” to change places with you.

Additional comments from Dr. Quick:

If you have not been checked for the possibility of an overactive thyroid gland, please do so (all it takes is a single blood test).