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June 13, 2005

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Blacksburg, Virginia, USA:

Two questions that arose in our recent support group meeting: If you can subtract fiber from total carbohydrate grams per serving when the fiber amount is greater than 5 grams, why can't you subtract the grams of fiber if the amount is less than 5 grams? Carbonation in various soda drinks has been publicized as causing fat retention and promoting weight gain. Is that actually true?


You ask two good questions:

The reason for the minimum of 5 grams of fiber before you can subtract it from the total carbohydrate is that the food must be a substantial source of fiber, defined as 5 grams or more, before you will see an impact on blood sugars.

I know of no clinical or scientific evidence proving carbonation to cause fat retention and promote weight gain. On the other hand, a majority of regular sodas are high in empty calories and over-consumption can contribute to weight gain.