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March 2, 2006

Behavior, Hypoglycemia

Question from Kent, England:

When my granddaughter’s blood sugar is very low, she jerks her head and shakes all over. She is screaming for her mother and although her mother is standing right in front of her, she cannot see her. Her consultant has said this is not a fit, but what is it and is it normal?


From: DTeam Staff

Those are typical symptoms of severe low blood sugars or hypoglycemia. That can progress to a low blood sugar seizure and indeed, likely represent the beginnings of a low blood sugar seizure if she is jerking her head and shaking. This must be corrected rapidly by having her consume sugar if she is still alert or using a Glucagon Emergency Kit if she is not alert enough to drink.

Please see our pages on Hypoglycemia and Guidelines for Treating Lows by Age.