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March 14, 2005


Question from Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA:

Where in the Washington, D.C. area can I get a glucose tolerance test without having a prescription? I am having symptoms that may mirror diabetes or hypoglycemia, but when I had a 12 hour blood fasting test, the results were normal. Today, for example, an hour after eating two peanut butter and spreadable fruit sandwiches, I started getting really cold and shaking. After about two hours of this and turning up the heat, I am feeling warmer again. I have no fever, but feel pressure in my ears and am feeling fatigued. I have had a CAT scan of my sinuses that showed that my sinuses are normal.


You need to work with a physician before the glucose tolerance test can be carried out at an approved clinical laboratory. You will need a physician to interpret the results and counsel you on the results.