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Lester Hightower

Lester Hightower is the father of a teenage son with type 1 diabetes. Professionally, Lester is an information technologist and software engineer who leads the technology department of a rail and truckload ground transportation provider. Personally, Lester has been married for twenty-two years and is the father of two children. His son, Andrew, was diagnosed with T1D in 2010, at the age of five, and has followed Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s diabetes management regimen since his diagnosis. Lester is an ardent student of, and advocate for, low-carb eating and Dr. Bernstein’s diabetes management regimen, and he is a founding board member of the not-for-profit Rivere Foundation, that does most of its advocacy work though its Let Me Be 83 trademark. Lester holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Florida State University.