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Addison Brown

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on August 27th, 2013, when I was just eight years old. At first it felt world ending, but I took it in stride and did everything the doctors told me to do. I left the hospital after three days, and within a week I was administering my own injections. Ten years with diabetes always felt so far away, but I graduated high school, started college, and celebrated 10 years of life with diabetes this past year! Of course, things are hardly ever easy, but I wish that type 1 diabetes got more recognition in the media. Receiving a CWD Journey Award is important to me because my fight is being celebrated by someone outside of my family, who knows just as much that diabetes is an extremely challenging and unpredictable thing to live it. It helps me to feel seen!

Thriving with T1D
since 2013

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