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From her mom, Jessica:

My daughter Cydney had a terrible stomach ache and was worn down for several weeks. She was eating and barely sleeping. I watched her grow thinner and thinner. Worried we took her to the doctor. They said come back in a few weeks it’s probably a virus. She grew thinner. After a day with grandma where Cydney ate a pretzel and an icee from Subway she was doubled over in pain. This isn’t right my husband and I took to the ER in our small town. The doctor diagnosed her with a nervous stomach but a smart nurse decided to check her urine. It was off the charts. She was rushed by ambulance an hour away to the pediatric ICU where she stayed for a week. Type 1 diabetes we had no clue and our lives were forever changed. 10 years later our little girl still fights every day and saves her own life.

Thriving with T1D
since 2014

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