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Jay Schwartz

It’s a rough journey. When I got diabetes, we mixed insulin. Of course, I was three years old so I do not really remember much of that. But I remember my mom waking up every night to test my blood sugar. The lows when she had to call the ambulance. Being there and not able to speak. Then I was one of the first on the pump. That worked alright until it didn’t. I played a lot of sports, which everyone said I wouldn’t be able to do, and was too skinny for the pump. I went to pens and that helped my A1c. The game changer was the CGM. The CGM was the reason I was able to go to college. I have been told my whole life I wouldn’t not be able to do things such as scuba diving and eating candy but have always found a way and overcome. Insulin helped with the candy but the never ending fight helps me to play sports and scuba dive.

Thriving with T1D
since 1993

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