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Dr. Jerry F. Hall

My journey has been long and sometimes difficult but extremely rewarding. Type 1 diabetes management has come a long way since 1965 and I am very grateful for the all the developments over the last 59 years. I worked my entire career in the environmental field in the state, federal and private sector retiring after 23 years in the Oil & Gas Sector (Texaco and Chevron). I went back to school at the age of 32 for a PhD in environmental toxicology. Understanding the concept of dose/response has benefited management of my type 1 diabetes. I am forever grateful to my parents, my wife and my two daughters because living with a diabetic can be challenging for all involved. My dad’s training in WWII as a USN pharmacist mate helped my family adapt to life with an 11 year old with a chronic health issue. My daughters, now 36 and 32 years old, understand that they are at risk of developing diabetes and have chosen to incorporate physical exercise and balanced nutrition into their lifestyles. Living with diabetes has taught me discipline, empathy and determination as life-long skills. My focus now is enjoying life and helping others who drag this same ball and chain called diabetes around with them daily.

Thriving with T1D
since 1965

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