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John Shuler

I began this diabetes journey at the age of 32 while working and raising a family. My father had died of diabetes at the age of 32 so I knew of the complications it could cause so I was determined from the start to manage it as best I could. In the beginning the only tools we had were urine strips for guidance in adjusting insulin injections. My doctors always gave me hope that a cure was just around the corner, just 15 years away. Well the cure never came but treatment slowly progressed with new things like new insulins, new glucometers and eventually CGM sensors. I now wear a Tandem pump that communicates with a Dexcom sensor that automatically adjusts my insulin. It’s a huge advancement from where I started. Diabetes is a disease that you have to become your own doctor and study about it because it changes every day. Always fight hard to keep that A1C down!

Thriving with T1D
since 1974

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