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Kristin Mallinger

Being diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager was so difficult. As a teenager, all you want to do is fit in, not find out you have a life-altering disease. I struggled with depression for years after my diagnosis and took very poor care of myself, skipping insulin doses to lose weight. Eventually, with the right antidepressants, I began to believe I was worth taking care of. After years of shots, I got my first insulin pump in 2008. During my worst years, I had an A1C of anywhere from 11-13. I’m proud to say my A1C has been 6.5 or below for the past five years. There were times when I thought diabetes was going to kill me. With better technology and a better attitude, I know I can live with it and hope to do so healthily for many more years.

Thriving with T1D
since 1998
Kristin Mallinger

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