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From his mom, Amy:

My son was diagnosed three weeks after his seventh birthday. Thankfully, we caught it very early and he was not diagnosed under emergency circumstances. From day one he took responsibility for his disease and was back at school within three days, giving himself injections., Learning to count his carbs and back to being a little boy living a full and active life. Fast forward, and as we like to say in our family, he rides this roller coaster with his hands in the air. He’s a healthy, happy and still very active young man. He plays club soccer, has gotten his drivers license in the last year and he’s in the process of attaining his pilot’s license. This is not always an easy journey, but he has persevered and I think him receiving this award would be a special acknowledgment of this journey. It’s not necessarily an award that you want to be up for, but living 10 years without complications, through childhood, and into the teens years, is something to be celebrated.

Thriving with T1D
since 2014

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