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Marie Diaz

I’ve always thought it was so cool that my mom used my grandma’s meter to diagnose me (she had Type 2 diabetes). It’s also cool that I went to diabetes camp for 13 years, ran the NYC marathon with a team of Type 1s, went skydiving with a group of Type 1 friends, and that I met my husband because his best friend has diabetes. It was also the best day of my life when Nick Jonas announced he had diabetes. I actually saw that on YouTube… because I was already obsessed with The Jonas Brothers. Can we get a moment for the genius that is the song “A Little Bit Longer?” That one HITS DEEP. All of those silly anecdotes are mixed in with a lot of grief. Type 1 diabetes has taken a lot from me. It took several camp friends. It takes money, sleep, peace. The toll is enormous and it’s okay to admit it. Actually, radical vulnerability is my favorite weapon after 25 years. It’s been the biggest silver lining – leading me to friendships across the WORLD, cultivating immense integrity and empathy, and pushing others to be brave and advocate for themselves. My biggest tip is to find doctors that you REALLY TRULY LIKE (I promise it’s possible). I hope the next 25 are filled with even more wild adventures, even better technology (shoutout to DIY Loop and the late Katie DiSimone, we miss you so much), and ACCESS TO LOW COST INSULIN FOR ALL (#insulin4all). Until then, I’ll be fighting for a future where we don’t have to ration insulin and we don’t have to see people die without access. I love and hate this disease every single day, so I push through the chaos with tender strength and hope for us all. – @nerdscanfight

Thriving with T1D
since 1999

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