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From her mom, Brittany:

Norah was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just nine months old. At the time, she was the youngest patient treated by her endocrinology team, and the only exclusively breastfed one. Over the years, diabetes has not stopped Norah from enjoying life and everything it has to offer. It hasn’t stopped her from sharing that zest for life, either. Her joy radiates so vibrantly, that anyone who crosses her path can’t help but smile. Norah has made it her personal life mission to compliment as many people as she can. Whether it’s at the grocery store, walking on the bike path, or passing through a rest stop, Norah finds a special way to encourage those she encounters. She is a true voice for those with diabetes and isn’t afraid to educate and advocate for herself, eloquently explaining that her body doesn’t make insulin and she relies on her pump for that hormone. She loves seeing “diabetes in the wild” and has been known to enthusiastically jump and shout “I LOVE YOUR CGM” across a crowded room. Over the last decade, Norah has also been diagnosed with T1D’s “sister” autoimmune diseases – Hashimoto’s at four years old and Celiac Disease at six years old.

Norah has always had a creative and whimsical spirit, never letting diabetes sour her belief in magic and wonder. She enjoys expressing herself through various art mediums including drawing, painting, dancing ballet, singing, and theater. She also enjoys running (especially at Disney World).

Thriving with T1D
since 2014

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