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Closing the Loop In Our Youngest Kids
How to Make the Most Out of Your Closed Loop System

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Closing the Loop in Our Youngest Kids

Automated Insulin Delivery is something that people with diabetes have been dreaming of for decades. Thanks to the advent of technologies such as the continuous glucose monitor (CGM), this dream has become more of a reality for people who have access to the latest hybrid closed-loop systems. These systems use the CGM data to adjust …

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Insulin Options in the US as of January 2022

There are many different types of insulin and different ways of taking it. No matter what type you use or how you take it, people with type 1 diabetes need two basic types of insulin: basal and bolus. The good news is that, right now, we have options, and the options keep changing. In this …

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Challenges in Flattening the Post-Meal Spike

People often say that managing diabetes is so difficult because you can eat the same thing every day for breakfast, take the same dose of insulin, and have different blood sugars on each day. This can be so frustrating and make people feel like they are failing at their diabetes. But getting the bolus for …

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Current Poll Question

Are you/your family member with diabetes using a Hybrid Closed-Loop System for diabetes management?
Yes, Tandem Control-IQ.
Yes, Medtronic HCL.
Yes, Looping.
Yes, Open APS.
Yes, other.
No, not currently.
No, I'm not sure what HCL is.

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Do anti-psychotic medications affect insulin needs?
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