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Mixing Alcohol and Diabetes

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Mixing Alcohol and Diabetes

With the holiday season upon us, you may find yourself being offered more wine, beer, and mixed drinks than usual. If you have diabetes, there’s a bit more to consider than whether you prefer red or white wine. It’s important to understand how alcohol affects the body and what that means for your diabetes care. …

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The Impact of Implicit Bias on Prescribing Habits in Type 1 Diabetes

The Impact of Implicit Bias on Prescribing Habits in Type 1 Diabetes Do you remember first learning about insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitoring? Maybe your doctor or someone on your diabetes care team brought it up as a suggestion to help you or your child with diabetes management. You decided to check with your …

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Friends for Life Fall 2021: The Highlights

Missed the week of live events at our Friends for Life Fall 2021 virtual celebration? No problem! We have the recordings ready for replay on CWD’s website. Here is a quick rundown on what the sessions covered so you can pick which you want hear or listen to in the background while you’re working (we …

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