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Children with Diabetes started back in 1995, after the diagnosis of Jeff and Brenda Hitchcock's 24 month old daughter, Marissa. That diagnosis brought an immediate need for information, education, and community ... and brought about the creation of one of the most trusted and robust global diabetes communities. The CWD team has spent the last 25 years bringing together families affected by diabetes, both online and offline, to create space for people to thrive after a diabetes diagnosis. Our Friends for Life conferences have been taking place since 2001, and continue on in 2020 and beyond. Our newer CWD programs and events, like our Screenside Chat series, MoFFL and Moms with T1D meetups, and our upcoming FFL Minis (more on that soon!) provide ways for our community to continue to digitally connect, even during a pandemic. 

No matter what, CWD is here for the ever-changing and evolving diabetes community. We've grown together, from the moments when our children were diagnosed to the moments where our children had children of their own. And we will continue to be here for one another, through it all

For the latest on our upcoming digital events, in-person conferences, and everything in-between, check back often on this page. We'll be updating this content regularly to reflect what's new.


Friends for Life Conferences

"One of the most magical times for people with diabetes happens every year in July, with the annual Friends For Life® Conference hosted at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida."

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After careful consideration, we are gathering for the first time ever in White Plains, New York this fall. Details coming soon!

Children with Diabetes presents our regional Friends for Life® conference! Join our international group of world-renowned clinicians, researchers, physicians, adults, children, and families with diabetes to learn the most current information in diabetes care. Attend educational sessions and get cutting-edge diabetes management ideas. Participate in discussion groups, share your story, and help motivate and support others who walk in similar shoes. Watch toddlers and teens, college students and professionals, young parents and grandparents, new and practiced diabetes clinicians make new and lifelong friendships. This is a conference you'll never forget!


Projects + Programs

During these times when COVID-19 is limiting the ways we're able to connect with one another, our CWD family will stay united through fireside chat-style webinars.

January 3: Diabetes & Mental Wellness with Dr. Jessie Wong

January 17: Updates on TrialNet, with Dr. Carla Greenbaum

January 31: Diabetes and SARS-COV2: An Update, with Dr. Rayhan Lal

February 14:  An Update from T1D Exchange, with CEO Dave Walton 

February 28: Being the Significant Other (due to the personal nature of this conversation, there is no recording)

March 14: Eye Health and PWD, with Ben Szirth, PhD

March 28:  International Diabetes Federation's Young Leaders Program, with Kyle Rose

April 11: The PANTHER Program, with Cari Berget, RN, MPH, CDCES, Co-Director

April 25: Talking About Bolusing for Fat & Protein with Dr. Laya Ekhlaspour

May 16: Our Common Community: Talking About T1D & T2D

May 25: Insulin for Life with Carol Atkinson

June 6: Surviving an Everest Avalanche

June 18: Friends for Life 2021 (video coming soon)

June 22: Special Edition Chat: Updates from the DRIF

June 27: Why Everyone on Insulin Should Have a Glucagon Prescription

July: Screenside Chats are on break until August

August 1: Getting Ready for Back to School - The Powerful Partnership between Parents, Doctors, and Nurses for Advocacy, Plans & Glucagon

August 15:  TBD

CWD's Masterpiece Product Theater is a way for the diabetes industry and entrepreneurial community to connect with the CWD family through dedicated webinar meetings hosted by the CWD team, featuring industry partners. Held on Tuesday evenings from 7 - 8 pm ET, these discussions are an opportunity for companies and partners to hold a focus group, introduce a new product, feature a speaker from their roster, or hold a roundtable discussion on a topic of their choice.

Freestyle Libre 2, Living with T1D, and the MyFreeStyle Program with Bernetta Knighten, Anjum Ansari, and Kelcie Pappas

On December 15, 2020, we were joined by Bernetta Knighten, Anjum Ansari, and Kelcie Pappas to discuss the new FreeStyle Libre 2, living with diabetes, and the new and exciting MyFreeStyle program. This presentation was on behalf of Abbott Diabetes Care and Freestyle Libre 2.

Conversations about Severe Low Blood Sugar and Treatment Options with Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE

On March 30, 2021, Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE joined us for a conversation about treatment options for low blood sugar emergencies. Gary presented on behalf of Xeris Pharmaceuticals® and discussed effectiveness, usability, and safety information.

Join the MoFFL's (Moms of Friends for Life) for a virtual happy hour with other moms of T1D’s of all stages who "get it!" We will be meeting via Zoom on Mondays 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT.
2021 Dates are:
Jan 4         Jan 18
Feb 1         Feb 15
March 1         March 15         March 29
April 12         April 26
May 10         May 24
June 7         June 21
We will meet IN PERSON at FFL Orlando 2021 July 6-11!
Join Marissa Town and Kerri Sparling for Ladies Who Zoom, a meeting for women living with diabetes. Our next Zoom meetup will be on the calendar in the next few weeks - check back soon!
Join Marissa Town and Kerri Sparling for "Stole My Kid's Juice Box" (SMKJB), a meeting for moms living with diabetes and doing the parenting thing, too. Our next Zoom meetup will be scheduled in 2021!