Get Involved in Diabetes Research


Looking to make a difference in the world of type 1 diabetes? Consider signing up for a clinical trial! Getting involved in studies helps improve diabetes care for all. Some studies are simply online surveys, where others are testing out new diabetes devices or medications.

Listed below are studies that are currently recruiting participants, with links where you can contact the study coordinator or center. You can also check out and search for “type 1 diabetes” to find all active clinical trials in the U.S. 

Current Studies

  • NEW: Albert Einstien College of Medicine and the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology are running a new research study, The ReDUCe Study. This new program for young adults with T1D aims to reduce diabetes distress, increase emotional-well being, and improve blood sugar ccontrol This is a 12 month fully virtual study. Learn more.

  • A team at Washington University of St. Louis School of Medicine is recruiting participants for our neuropathy, bone, and type 1 diabetes project (DaSH-neuro). They are seeking girls from 12 to 18 years of age with T1D (>5 years after diagnosis). Participants will receive $100 in compensation and a copy of their bone scan results. The visit lasts ~2 to 3 hours and includes surveys, bone scans, neuropathy exam, and blood draw. The visit takes place at Barnes Jewish Hospital South County Bone Clinic. If you are interested, please contact Ivana Shen at [email protected].
  • The Type 1 Diabetes EXercise Initiative Pediatric Study (T1DEXIP) is a 10-day at-home study about exercise and glucose in youth with type 1 diabetes. Qualifying children will be asked to enter information about exercise, insulin use, and the food they eat into an app on their personal smartphone. They will also be provided with a fitness tracker that will collect data during the study. Your child will be able to keep the fitness tracker at the end of the study. Learn more.
  • Are you the parent of an emerging adult (aged 15-25) with type 1 diabetes? The purpose of this study is to identify desired types and mechanisms of support for parents during their emerging adult’s transition to adulthood with T1D. Click here to access the confidential online screening questionnaire. Participants who complete both the survey and the focus group will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 e-gift card!
  • Join a Dartmouth College study and get an app that may help you manage your diabetes! Inviting young adults aged 19-29 years old who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for 18 months or more. Participants will be compensated for participating. Click here to learn more and complete the eligibility survey!
  • Researchers at Children’s National Hospital and the George Washington University are conducting a research study about quality of life in youth 11-17 years old with type 1 diabetes. Youth who participate will also be asked to attend a 30-minute virtual meeting (via Zoom Telehealth), during which they will be asked to complete questionnaires about living with diabetes, diabetes management, and their intake of foods and beverages containing certain sweeteners. Compensation is provided. If you are interested in hearing more about this study, please contact us by calling or texting us at (202)-618-2207 or emailing us at [email protected].
  • Market Research Study: The purpose of this research is to evaluate the messages and information that will be included in educational materials being developed for the T1D community. Research will be conducted through a 60-minute web-assisted one-on-one interview, and selected participants will be compensated for their time. If you or one of your family members have been screened and tested positive for 2 or more T1D-related autoantibodies, please consider filling out this form.
  • A graduate student from California State University is conducting their thesis on how families with adolescents manage T1D. The focus of this research is on mother, father, adolescent family triads in an effort to fill a gap in research. If you live in the US, have been in a heterosexual relationship for at least one year and have an adolescent child with type 1 diabetes (aged 13-18), you may be eligible! Please contact Jessica Preciado at [email protected].
  • Having a hard time finding reliable Diabetes Care and information? Help researchers at MyDER Inc. and The University of North Georgia create an app that will give people with type 1 diabetes easy access to Diabetes Educators and helpful diabetes resources by taking their survey. Caregivers take this survey. Patients over 18 take this survey.
  • The purpose of the VX-880 Islet Cell Infusion study sponsored by Vertex Pharmaceuticals is to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of an investigational islet cell infusion called VX-880. The goal of this infusion is to provide replacement cells for the ones that have been lost or don’t work properly in people with diabetes. Participants may be compensated financially for study-related time and reimbursed for travel. Learn more and see if you qualify.
  • The Gladiator Study was designed to further evaluate whether ladarixin is effective in preserving β-cell function and slowing down the progression of T1D in patients with a more severe disease presentation. This study is for patients diagnosed with T1D within 100 days from first insulin administration who are 14-45 years old. Learn more. For questions, contact Hali Broncucia at [email protected].
  • The MAS-1 Study is working to prove that MAS-1 vaccine is safe and promotes anti-inflammatory pathways while decreasing auto-inflammatory actions in the body. This study is looking for patients diagnosed with T1D within previous 2 years who are 18-45 years old. Learn more. For questions, contact Hali Broncucia at [email protected].
  • Join the ATTEMPT study at SickKids! Teens ages 12 - 18 years with type 1 #diabetes (T1D) could receive a new oral medication taken with insulin to see if it helps prevent complications and improve glycemic control. This study is being conducted in Ontario, Canada. To participate, reach out to [email protected].
  • MannKind Corporation has announced that the INHALE-1 Study of Afrezza® has officially begun enrollment for those aged 4-17 living with T1D/T2D. Afrezza (insulin human) Inhalation Powder is the only inhaled ultra rapid-acting mealtime insulin and is FDA-approved for adults (18+) with T1D or T2D. The multi-center study will assess the efficacy and safety of Afrezza vs. multiple daily injections of insulin, both in combination with basal insulin. For more details about the study and if your child may be eligible, please visit
  • The Overcoming Barriers and Obstacles to Adopting Diabetes Devices (ONBOARD) study is seeking participants for our research study about barriers to uptake of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in adults with type 1 diabetes. Learn more here.
  • D-COPES stands for Diabetes - Connecting Online Peers to Enhance Support. If you are eligible and agree to be in this study, you will be matched to a peer who will guide you through diabetes-specific online resources to better support you and your diabetes. Click here to review the study to see if you are eligible.
  • Little is known about how families manage diabetes when multiple family members have type 1 diabetes. Such families may have strategies they share that make living with T1D easier. The University of Utah is conducting a multi T1 study - get more information here!
  • The Insul-In This Together Study is a Stanford research study recruiting teens ages 12-19 with Type 1 Diabetes and their parents to participate a family-based program. The program is six weekly 30-minute video sessions and discusses topics like parental monitoring and involvement and parent-teen conflict. Data collection includes online surveys and sharing CGM data and A1c results. If you think you might be interested, please complete the online screening at: or email their team at: [email protected].

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