Living with type 1 diabetes can be incredibly challenging and the work required for daily life deserves special recognition. As such, Children with Diabetes is excited to share that through the new CWD Journey Awards program, there will continue to be a recognition of the work required to thrive with type 1 diabetes. Medals marking 10, 25, 50, and 75 years of daily life with diabetes will serve as an inspiration to everyone in the type 1 community.

CWD is deeply grateful to Lilly Diabetes for their support for the CWD Journey Awards program.

Note: CWD has received the remaining Lilly Journey Award medals and will be shipping those until they run out. At that time, CWD will be minting a new medal. You are welcome to request the current medal and the new medal, which will be available in mid-2023. CWD Journey Awards are not engraved, though there is space on each medal to support engraving by the recipient.

The CWD Journey Awards were formerly known as the Lilly Diabetes Journey Awards.