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Do you Gluroo?

When Greg Badros’s son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, his family quickly embraced diabetes technology, including a CGM and mobile apps. But what they found is that they didn’t have a good way of tracking multiple diabetes devices’ data with multiple caregivers. Luckily for other parents and loved ones of people with diabetes, Greg …

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Friends for Life Seattle 2023 Recap

You’re going to have to slow down! I shouted this phrase while basically jogging behind my Children with Diabetes staff colleagues as we walked down the steep streets of Seattle. Slow down! It’s ironic, actually, because for the last several weeks, all that I’ve wanted is for time to speed up so that we could …

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How to Fast Safely with Diabetes

Fasting, which is the practice of not eating or drinking for an extended period of time, is something that many people do for many different reasons. This week marks the beginning of Ramadan, and with it brings challenges for people with diabetes who want to participate in the fasting tradition. Although people with diabetes are …

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Question from New York, USA:
How would someone with T1D survive in a zombie apocalypse?
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