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When it's more than T1D

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When it’s more than T1D

Many people know that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition, but what you may not know is that autoimmune conditions sometimes come in multiples. Some are more commonly associated with type 1 diabetes than others, but most can affect blood glucose levels – especially if undiagnosed. Here are some of the most common conditions […]

Guiding Growth: Parenting for Diabetes Autonomy

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs people experience. You want to be kind but not too passive, supportive but not an enabler. You want to give your children the world, but not spoil them. When you add a chronic disease, that means their life will be different than most of their peers, making […]

Our Visit to UFDI

At Children with Diabetes, we believe in providing care today while we await a cure tomorrow. As we focus on caring for and supporting people with type 1 diabetes, we anxiously await news on the next big breakthrough in research. Our friends at the University of Florida Diabetes Institute have been at the forefront of diabetes […]

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Does the person with diabetes in your family have another autoimmune condition?
Yes, thyroid related
Yes, celiac disease
Yes, other gastrointestinal condition
Yes, skin related (psoriasis, vitiligo, etc)
Yes, something else
No they do not

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What smartwatches can I use with Dexcom G7 for non-iphone?
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