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Weekly Basal Insulins: Could they be a Reality Soon?

It’s human nature to hope for better things and for some to focus on improving things. Historically, diabetes has been difficult, and many people have been unable to achieve their glucose management goals. The tools and technologies that we have today help a lot, but it’s not a perfect system. Researchers are still working hard […]

Diabetes Chill Mode — the iLet

In my lifetime, there have been so many incredible advances when it comes to tools for keeping blood sugars in “target” as much as possible. I am so grateful for all these things – from rapid-acting insulins to CGMs (continuous glucose monitors), life with diabetes can be so much easier. But the thing is, even […]

Mother’s Day: The language of loud sighs and quiet tears

It’s been a week, and it’s only Wednesday. It feels like there are 4,567 days of school left in this school year, but, in reality, we only have 8 days left until summer break. We’ve dealt with the unexpected “combo meal” of food poisoning and diabetes. A potential teenage suitor made a negative comment about […]

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