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Why Attend Friends for Life

Friends for Life is an experience that can be difficult to describe; the closest that I can come up with is “diabetes camp on steroids,” but it doesn’t truly capture all the magic that happens every summer during Friends for Life Orlando. When Friends for Life started, the idea was for families to come together …

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Stress and BG’s

The amount of stress that we have undergone as humans in the last few years has been ridiculous. This is certainly not how I imagined I would be spending my adult life. It feels like every chance we get to come up for a breath after drowning in major horrible world event after major horrible …

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A Diabetes Mom with a Thousand Hugs

Diabetes moms—we are like regular moms, but we are different.  Watching your child receive a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes elevates you to a whole new level of motherhood and I’m almost certain that this chapter…the one about diabetes…was left out of all of the manuals that I read when I was preparing to become …

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Current Poll Question

What kind of diabetes tips and tricks do you want to learn about this summer in Orlando?
Technology related - CGM’s, pumps, etc.
Insurance related - using pharmacy benefit, choosing the right plan, etc.
Miscellaneous - using sleep mode in Control-IQ, using Flonase for allergies to adhesives, etc.
Medication related - adding Afrezza, using U-200, etc.

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Question from United States:
I put in my site before filling my tubing with insulin. I just continued and started filling my tubing. I realized I had not filled my cartridge with insulin first. What will happen?
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