At Children with Diabetes our collective goal is to see diabetes cured and until that time, people with diabetes live as healthy and rich a life as possible. We each work to achieve that goal in different ways. Specifically, there is the introduction of the LB698 bill in Nebraska.

The purpose of Legislative Bill 698 is to direct Nebraska Medicaid to cover diabetes patient access to continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). Continuous Glucose Monitors allow individuals with diabetes to track their glucose levels at regular intervals and help patients with diabetes more accurately dose insulin. Patients with better management of their diabetes have better outcomes, a higher quality of life, and cost significantly less to the state. In Nebraska, some Medicaid plans already cover CGMs for their patients in order to save long term costs of hospitalizations. However, not all plans provide this coverage. LB 698 would provide equitable access to these devices for all Medicaid patients with diabetes.

We are looking for a parent/child to provide testimony for the necessity of CGMS for diabetes management. If you live in Lincoln, NE and you are interested in giving testimony, please fill out the form below.

Interest in Nebraska CGM Bill

  • If you are interested in giving testimony to help with the Nebraska CGM bill, please fill out the form below and a member of the committee will be in touch.