Books about diabetes matter to the CWD community. Books provide the information and the tool sets we need to make pump adjustments, healthy recipes, and decisions about our medical care. Books show us people with diabetes as the heroes, the scientists, the teachers, the athletes, the change-makers, and these narratives help shape the way we view this health condition.

Here at CWD, we've taken years to cultivate and curate a very special library, filled with stories and science that lift us up and keep us informed. These books are the ones we keep on our staff bookshelves and recommend to our friends. These are the stories we trust to keep us moving forward. Check out our CWD library, peruse the bookshelves, and please reach out if you have a dog-eared diabetes favorite that you'd like us to include.

Featured Book

T1D Looks Like Us
T1D Looks Like Us

Morgan Bednarczyk, M.S.Ed

Rose was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) when she was seven years old. Now she is nine and, at times, feels lonely because she doesn’t know any other kids with T1D. With help from her mom, Rose meets people from all over the world who also live with T1D and have their own unique stories to share! This book is intended to spark conversations about empathy, differences, and self-compassion. Through the text children will learn not only about Type 1 Diabetes but also about the diversity of people who are living bravely with T1D. The book is perfect for newly diagnosed children, siblings, and classrooms that have a student living with T1D.

New author Morgan Bednarczyk helps talk kids through what the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes was like for her in T1D Looks Like Us. The book is well-written, easy to read for adults and children, and the illustrations enhance the story well. She talks about learning how to check her blood sugar, take injections, transition to an insulin pump, and count carbohydrates.

The story also tackles social stigma that many children with diabetes experience and discusses her strategies to stay resilient and positive through social support. Then she introduces other children who live with type 1 diabetes and the similarities and differences in their diabetes management and even some challenges in other countries.

The key message in the book is that many people live with type 1 diabetes and do not let diabetes stop them from living a fulfilling life. It’s a positive, inclusive, and inviting way for kids to learn about type 1 diabetes.

— Marissa Town, BSN, RD, CDCES, Clinical Director, CWD

ISBN-13 978-0578297002. Paperback. 30 pages. 2019

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