Diabetes Sourcebook Seventh Edition
Diabetes Sourcebook, Seventh Edition

Dawn D. Matthews

Diabetes Sourcebook, Seventh Edition provides basic consumer information about the different types of diabetes and how they are diagnosed. It discusses strategies for controlling diabetes and managing daily life challenges. It includes information about the complications of diabetes and their prevention and offers guidelines for recognizing and treating diabetic emergencies. The book concludes with updated information regarding the most recent research in diabetes care, a glossary of related terms, and a list of resources for additional help and information.

Diabetes Sourcebook is part of the Omnigraphics Health Reference series of books. Its 67 chapters contain over 600 pages of material drawn from many sources, including the NIDDK, National Diabetes Education Program, the National Kidney Foundation, the ADA, the CDA, the Joslin Diabetes Center, and Children with Diabetes. Since everything in Diabetes Sourcebook is available for free elsewhere (mostly online), you might ask why anyone would pay $95 for this book? The answer is that this book has everything together in one small, hardcover book, making it a great reference and educational tool. If you tried to print out everything that’s in this book, you’d end up with hundreds, if not thousands, of pages and none of it would be as well organized as this book. While the price may be too high for families, the Diabetes Sourcebook would make a fine addition to any library or clinic.

Published by Omnigraphics, Detroit, MI. ISBN 078081648X. 600 pages, hardcover. $95.2018

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