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October 4, 2004

Celiac, Hypoglycemia

Question from Buffalo, New York, USA:

I've had celiac disease for four years and was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia after a five hour fasting test. My blood sugar level was down to 44 mg/dl [2.4 mmol/L] after three hours. Because I've had fainting spells for months, I just got weak and didn't pass out because my body's used to it. I have been really good staying gluten free all along. After the hypoglycemia diagnosis, my doctor said to eat food containing gluten. I had some effects from eating gluten, but didn't have any fainting spells. A few days later, my gastroenterologist told me to get back on the gluten free diet. He also said he's never heard of any patient being as strict as me on the diet suddenly having hypoglycemia. I can't seem to find any gluten free/hypoglycemic diet. I am also underweight and only see diets for people who need to lose weight. I will be seeing a nutritionist and endocrinologist, but not soon enough.


With the gluten free diet being a very complex regimen, I would recommend that you meet with the registered dietitian to develop an individualized meal plan that is centered around a gluten free diet (no wheat, rye, oat, barley derivatives). I would highly recommend that you meet with this health care professional as soon as possible.