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February 15, 2017

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA:

My 10-year-old daughter recently told me she’s been drinking a lot of water at school for the past two weeks. It raised a red flag because she normally refuses plain water. All of the other symptoms are explainable to me, fatigue – she’s always slept a lot; hunger; blurry vision – she already wears glasses. She hasn’t really been going to the bathroom tons, like you hear in everyone else’s stories. I took her to the doctor last week. She had glucose in her urine, just positive, not positive plus 1 or anything like that. They sent us for an A1c, which came back at 4.6, pretty perfect. This week, she’s been complaining of belly-aches after eating, not consistently, just sometimes. The doctor said she would do another urine test in June. Should I be concerned or just wait it out? Is it possible the A1c was just to early to tell? I’ve told her she is fine so she didn’t manifest problems that weren’t there. I just don’t want to dwell over all of these little symptoms.


It sounds suspicious. The A1c is normal, but I don’t understand about why there was no follow-up with sugar in the urine. It seems like she may need some actual blood sugar levels drawn either at the doctor’s office or on home monitoring to be sure. Please check daily weight on your daughter since weight loss would be worrisome. If there were continued urination, excess thirst plus weight loss, this for sure would need to be checked out again with another visit back to your doctor’s office.