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August 6, 2001

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA:

Are there detailed lists available for foods that show serving size and grams of carbs? For example, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also spaghetti lists ounces as the serving size, but that doesn't tell me how much is a serving (for example, one-half cup).


A couple of good reference materials are:

Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, usually available from your diabetes dietitian or can be purchased from the American Diabetes Association.
Bowes & Church’s Food Values of Portions Commonly Used by Jean Pennington, Ph.D., Anna De Planter Bowes, and Helen Church. This reference is a little more detailed but has a wealth of information and is used by a lot of diabetes dietitians. You should be able to special order it from any major bookseller or perhaps borrow it from a library.