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July 6, 2001

Research: Cure

Question from Bangalore, Karnataka, India:

Can an 11 month old infant who has diabetes be cured permanently at this advanced stage? Routine urine results were positive for protein (++) and sugar (0.5%).


I am not sure that I have enough information to help you very much, particularly as you don’t give any of the blood sugar levels. At 11 months of age, a child who has had diabetes since the neonatal period is likely to have the permanent form and to be at some risk for deficiency also in what is called the exocrine pancreas which makes the enzymes responsible for food digestion in the upper bowel. There is no ‘cure’ for this, though it can be treated effectively by insulin and diet.

I am puzzled however by the amount of protein in the urine and whilst this could be a superimposed urinary tract infection which needs to be treated, I think you should ask the doctor if this might also be due some form of glomerulonephritis, which might be associated with a kidney-based reason for the glucose in the urine and not diabetes at all.