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December 7, 2002

Other Social Issues

Question from Daly City, California, USA:

Do children with type�1 diabetes have a higher percentage entering the health field? As a grandfather I'm hoping we can pass on encouraging news to the devoted parents to look forward to.


There have been a number of studies on the employment of people with diabetes, and one of the most recent from Holland. (See Bergers J, Nijhuis F, Janssen M, van der Horst F. Employment careers of young type I diabetic patients in The Netherlands. J Occup Environ Med 1999 Nov;41(11):1005-10.) So far as I know there is no recorded data on preference for the health field, and this would be difficult to predict for a five year old because of both the diminishing restrictions of diabetes and the changing opportunities and attractions of employment in the health field.

Additional comments from David S. Holtzman, Esq.:

Interesting question! This may be the perfect term project for some grandfather’s college student grandchild.