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January 18, 2006

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Dundas, Ontario, Canada:

My 12 year old daughter, type 1 for five years, has dropped off the growth curve for weight. She is just above the 50th percentile while her height is at the 90th percentile. She lost two pounds in the past three months. She is very active. The doctor wanted the dietician to tell us how to increase her calories without necessarily increasing her carbohydrates. All she suggested were cheese strings and pepperettes to ensure protein where protein is lacking, at lunch sometimes. She is not well controlled at present, requiring a lot more insulin without being ill. The doctor thinks her intermittent ketones and high sugars are responsible for the weight loss and appropriate insulin doses will fix it. In the meantime, any ideas for increased calories but not carbohydrates?


Adjusting insulin dosages should improve blood sugar control, thus stopping weight loss since the food that your daughter eats will be better utilized by her body. In the meantime, healthy choices for protein (and fats) include low fat cheeses, low fat peanut butter, sliced lean meats (turkey, roast beef, chicken breast, etc.). Hopefully, your daughter will find optimal diabetes management with a balance between adequate insulin and careful meal planning.