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June 6, 2000

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Bryan, Texas, USA:

How is frequent urination and bed wetting related to diabetes as far as symptoms go? I have a 7 year old I am concerned about, and the word diabetes came up and I would greatly appreciate more information on how these can be related, if at all.


Frequent urination is often seen as a symptom of high blood sugar. This happens because the body is trying to lessen the blood sugar by signaling the person to drink more fluids and then urinate the excessive sugar away. If you are concerned about the possibility of diabetes in your child, I would suggest you discuss this with your child’s doctor. A blood sugar test can be done to see if it is above normal levels.

There are other causes of frequent urination and bed wetting, unrelated to blood sugar. Your doctor would be your best resource to help you determine what is going on.