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June 26, 2001

Gestational Diabetes

Question from Delaware, Ohio, USA:

I am 27, 25 weeks pregnant, and at 19 weeks my obstetrician recommended that I switch to a low carb diet (under 20 grams daily). After five weeks on this diet my urine ketone levels are now at a constant high, and my GTT results are abnormal. Should I be alarmed by this or does a low-carb diet normally produce these types of results?


Pregnant women frequently have ketones in their urine, but this should clear with eating. You may want to increase your carbohydrate intake. For women with gestational diabetes, the recommended diet is one that is relatively low in fat and higher in protein and complex carbohydrates. If your three-hour glucose tolerance test is abnormal, then you may want to speak with a dietitian about your meal plan.