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January 25, 2000

Daily Care

Question from Butler, Pennsylvania, USA:

I am a new RN and recently began working at a Children’s hospital. I am working on the floor that cares for all of the diabetics from birth – 18. I was just wondering if you could suggest a few reference books for me to consider purchasing. There are so many out there that I’m not really sure where I should begin.


From: DTeam Staff

Glad to give you my set of recommendations:

I like my own textbook since it includes age-developmental guidelines and a heavy psychosocial approach to type 1 diabetes. It is no longer in print but you should be able to get a copy from the library: Brink, SJ. Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Mellitus. Year Book Medical Publishers.

Also, two other US textbooks are excellent. One written by Luther Travis, Ben Brouhard and Barb Schreiner and the other written by Richard Guthrie.

An international textbook is edited by Chris Kelnar, I think in 1994.

The American Diabetes Association also has a type 1 mini-textbook that would be worth reading.

All these should be available via inter-library loan or if you want to buy them via places like Amazon.com, etc.

Subscribing to Diabetes Forecast would let you know what your patients and family members are potentially reading. Subscribing to Diabetes Care and Diabetes Spectrum would also keep you abreast of new developments. All three from the ADA. IF you are serous about diabetes work, you may also consider joining the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Their journal is called The Diabetes Educator.

Good reading!

Additional comments from Dr. Jill Weissberg-Benchell:

I really like the book published through the Barbara Davis Center in Denver, called Understanding Insulin-Dependent Diabetes, which you can download without charge at www.uchsc.edu/misc/diabetes/UI DDM.html. It can be ordered by calling the Children’s Diabetes Foundation in Denver at 800-695-2873.

Additional comments from Virginia Valentine, diabetes nurse specialist:

Without question, start with Sweet Kids: How to Balance Diabetes Control & Good Nutrition with Family Peace by Betty Brackenridge and Richard Rubin, published by the ADA. Available in regular bookstores or
through the ADA.


Additional comments from Dr. Donough O’Brien:
Try Books for Parents, Adults and Older Kids.


Additional comments from Dr. Kenneth J. Robertson
If you want a practical book which would be a major help in nursing children with diabetes then I recommend a manual recently written by a Swedish colleague: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes in Children, Adolescents and Adults by Ragnar Hanas; ISBN 91-630-6261-5; Published by Piara HB, Uddevalla, Sweden.
I think you should be able to get this via Amazon for around $29.