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February 12, 2000

Weight and Weight Loss

Question from Arkansas, USA:

I can't gain any weight. I have type 1 diabetes which was onset about 12 years ago. My weight has been constant plus or minus a pound or 2 for years with no major gain regardless of eating more plus exercise. Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated.


I’m assuming you want to gain weight because you are underweight. The best way of gaining weight is to take more calories. Being diabetic, if you take more carbohydrate, you will simply increase your blood glucose unless you also increase your insulin dose.

Have a chat about this with your diabetes team.

Additional comments from Jeff Hitchcock, The Editor:

I recall raising similar concerns to my doctor 25 years ago, and I didn’t (and still don’t) have diabetes. My personal advice is not to worry about being thin. Time has a way of affording you every opportunity to put on weight.