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September 3, 2003


Question from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England:

I had a routine eye test with my diabetes specialist who told me I had a "dot hemorrhage" in my left eye. What is this? Is it serious? Can it get worse and have long term effects? Can it be stopped or removed?


A dot hemorrhage is a characteristic retinal lesion associated with diabetic retinopathy. It is not as specific a lesion as a microaneurysm and can be due to other conditions besides diabetes. Hemorrhages do resolve in time but is an indication of a breakdown in vascular integrity and can become worse over time if the underlying cause is not determined and treated.

I am not sure if you had a dilated eye exam by an eye care specialist or a non-dilated exam by your diabetes doctor. If it was an exam by your diabetes doctor, I would recommend that you have a dilated eye exam by an eye care specialist.