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August 27, 2003


Question from Quincy, Florida, USA:

I had large calluses on both big toes and in the balls of both feet so went to a podiatrist and informed them I was on insulin trying to get my diabetes under control.They started trimming my calluses to the point at which they stared bleeding. So I went from going once a month to once every two weeks to every week for the last four weeks for trimming and dressings. Now they say they might have to start taking the foot off. I am not trying to blame anyone, but it looks like something else could have been done sooner.I am concerned about the ones on the other foot because they seem to be getting worse.


On the basis of your description of events, it is not possible to judge whether the trimming was responsible for the series of events that threatens your feet. It is also strongly possible that the infection and difficulty healing were already present, and the trimming was an attempt to debride the dead tissue to help healing. Either way, this is a serious matter that requires you to pay strict attention to foot care and blood sugar control.