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November 27, 2002

Weight and Weight Loss

Question from California, USA:

I'm a teenager who has had diabetes for seven years, and, since I've been diagnosed, I have gained a large amount of weight. I would like to lose it, but nothing seems to help. Are there any pills or something I can take to help me lose the weight?


There are no magic ways to lose weight. What works is lowering caloric intake and increasing energy expenditure: cut down on high fat and high calorie foods, drink more water and sugar free drinks, read labels to learn what you are eating plus exercise faithfully for 30-60 minutes each day without any excuses. Turn off the television, game boy and computer plus stop eating school lunches. Walk to and from school or use your bicycle if this is possible instead of riding in a car or bus. Walk the dog twice a day!

You should work closely with your diabetes treatment team to figure out how insulin or other medications may need adjustment if you make changes in food and/or activity, of course.