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August 24, 2003

Gestational Diabetes

Question from Houston, Texas, USA:

I'm four months pregnant and have been experiencing a few problems. First, my legs and feet can't seem to keep still at night, and when I lie down, they feel very uncomfortable. I can't stop drinking and feel thirsty all the which results in going to the bathroom all the time. Lastly, I have been getting really bad headaches which I can't seems to get rid of, and sometimes they last two days. Could any of these symptoms relate to diabetes?


Your symptoms are nonspecific and do point to a particular diagnosis. However, you are approaching the time when your doctor will be checking for diabetes. I would suggest discussing your symptoms further with your doctor for a better answer.


[Editor’s comment: Symptoms of diabetes do include thirst and frequent urination, so be sure to review your symptoms with your physician.