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November 9, 2007


Question from Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

Is it safe for an adult with type 2 diabetes to use a dry sauna? I am the manager of a gym and was asked this by a member the other day. I searched the web, went to the Canadian Diabetes Association and haven't been able to find an answer.


Yes. The only problem would occur if they have known or unknown heart disease. It’s the same as for anyone else with heart disease. There is nothing special about their glucose control, per se. If they had some nerve damage or other circulatory damage, the high heat could also get them into trouble and that would also be worthwhile inquiring about. If people who are well educated about diabetes use a wet sauna or dry sauna, there should not be any problem. If poorly educated about diabetes, then this is on an enormously long list of things that they should not be doing.