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February 2, 2004

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Medford, Minnesota, USA:

Is there a video out there for grandparents to teach them about type 1 care and the importance of timed snacks and foods? We have problems with our parents wanting to give the kids sweets and snacks, but it is always at the wrong times. They just don't understand!


You ask a very good question but unfortunately I am not aware of any video geared towards grandparents of kids with diabetes. A suggestion that I would give you is to schedule an appointment with you, the grandparents, the child (or children) with diabetes and a registered dietitian who specializes in diabetes meal planning. They would be more than happy to review diabetes meal planning in order to circumvent some of these meal planning misunderstandings. Ask your endocrinologist or physician for a referral to an RD if needed. Good luck with getting everyone “on the same page.”