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March 7, 2006


Question from Alamo, California, USA:

I try to talk to my son about his diabetes and each time, he tells me that it is okay. But, a month ago, he told his dad that he was not taking his medications. I asked him things were going with his diabetes and he said he did not want to talk about it and got really mad. I do not know how to talk with him about it. I know he is not eating right and not taking care of it like he should. What do you think I should do for him to help him get on the right path? He has two small kids.


I am glad that you are asking for help. Since your son approached his dad about his not taking his medications, can his father talk to him about this? Maybe his father can ask your son how he can help him? I know you also said that he has two small kids, but is he in a relationship? If so, can his significant other talk to him and see if there is a way she can support him with his diabetes management? I have written an article about how family members can support their family members with diabetes. You may want to look at For Family Members Only to get some ideas.