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August 31, 2003

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Question from Gibsonton, Florida, USA:

My brother, who has diabetes, also has high blood pressure and is having problems keeping it down. Sometimes he gets tired, dizzy and says does he just don't feel right. However, he has a full time job. and these problems cause him to have to leave work. Does he qualify for disability benefits?


The qualification for disability depends on the state, and each area has its own criteria. Disability is difficult to obtain in many states because it requires examinations and reports from the present physician and sometimes past physicians. To qualify, it may also be necessary to be examined by a physician that the insurance company picks (if privately insured disability) or one that the state or government decides. A person may not qualify initially and may need the services of a legal representative.

The fact that your brother gets dizzy may indicate that he needs adjustment of his medications. I would have him see his physician, and if there is no improvement, he might want to seek another opinion.