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May 9, 2007

Other Illnesses

Question from Rockton, Illinois, USA:

My daughter had an IBD Serology 7 test done and the doctor said the results were consistent with possible inflammatory bowel disease. I will be taking her to a gastrointestinal doctor but was wondering if people with diabetes are more prone to have this condition and what exactly is the IBD test? My daughter has bouts with pain on her right side (at waist) that sometimes hurt around to her back. Would this be consistent with inflammation of the bowel? What kind of diet should she be on until I can get her into the doctor?


From: DTeam Staff

Celiac disease is more common in type 1 diabetes, about 5 to 10% in most research series. Other inflammatory bowel conditions are not necessarily more common in type 1 diabetes, but certainly can co-exist. Without knowing the details of her exam, symptoms or laboratory work, it is difficult to give you any other answers, but I would suggest that you discuss this with her treating physicians who should be able to answer such questions. If it were celiac disease they were worried about, you would NOT want to start a gluten free diet before the biopsy since this can affect the results and interpretation.