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March 10, 2001

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Shelby, Michigan, USA:

I' m a senior in college and would like to know what makes me so sick after I eat. I do have a malabsorption problem, which the doctor thinks is related to my pancreas because it is better when I take enzymes. About a half an hour after, I eat I get really tired almost passing out, I drink a gallon of water every day, and the only way I can maintain my weight is to eat around 4600 calories. I've even missed classes. I also drink 4 32-ounce bottles of water every day. My doctor tested my blood fasting blood sugar because my aunt and cousin both have diabetes, and it was normal. All the doctor has said is that maybe I should be tested for acromegaly because I am still growing and shouldn't be. My mom and aunt were sure I had diabetes because the only symptom I don't have is weight loss, but it seems I don't. Could the enzymes cause diabetes? Are there any more tests to tell if someone has diabetes? I just so tired of feeling like this.


It is not possible to diagnose individual problems in a forum such as this. I would suggest reviewing your symptoms at length with your physician.


[Editor’s comment: Yes, there are more tests to check for diabetes. For starters, if you’ve only had a single fasting blood sugar, you could get that test repeated.