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February 13, 2000

Daily Care

Question from the USA:

My son is 12 and he was diagnosed 4 months ago. I have had him on a diet with exercise and now is blood sugar is 105 and the peak is around 166 with a trace of ketones. Can diet and exercise manage this? We have managed to get this down and so far for 1 week we are maintaining a level of 105 to 130. Can you tell me the normal range for blood sugar after a meal what should the peak not be over? My son's morning sugar is 105 to 108 and his peak after the big meal at supper is 157 -- is this too high?


In response to your first question, we usually strive for fasting blood sugars 80-120 mg/dl and a 2 hour after eating blood sugar less than 160 mg/dl. It sounds like your son is maintaining in that range for now but remember, his diabetes is likely to change over time. I am concerned that his urine is showing ketones. This is usually a sign that his body is having to use muscle and fat tissue for energy because there is not enough sugar around for energy. This can also indicate that your son is losing weight. You didn’t mention his age or weight. I think this ketone finding is certainly important and should be discussed with his diabetes team as soon as possible. You do not want to “starve” his blood sugars into normal range.